The incidence of obesity is increasing in India. Obese women when pregnant pose different challenge. Despite the risks, child birth can be made safer by working closely with the team of doctors and other healthcare providers by monitoring the weight and exercising regularly.

Vaccines are helpful in preventing infections. Vaccines boost your immunity against an infection… thus keep you and your growing family safe. All vaccines are not safe during pregnancy. As a general rule vaccines made up from live viruses should not be taken in pregnancy. Vaccines made from dead viruses or toxoids are safe in pregnancy.

The sonography or scan or ultrasound means using sound waves to “see” the organs inside the body. The technology can be used to “see” the baby in the womb.

Congratulations for successfully completing some of the crucial part of your travel to “safe motherhood”. Now we will be with you as “tour guides” for the rest of the journey achieve your goal.

Father’s Role during Child Bearing Congratulations on being an expectant father. There must be a lot of anxiety and excitement about this big step in the lives of you and your partner. But you can certainly help your partner by understanding the changes she is going through and by being a prepared and supportive father-to-be.…

Pregnant girls are almost overwhelmed with the suggestions and guidance about what to eat and what not to eat. This is the most common cause of confusion.
Although “eating for two” is not at all a scientific norm now, eating adequate and healthy is important. Diet advice depends on individual, her height and weight, physical activity, likes and dislikes. Thus it is best to consult a nutritionist or dietician to plane the diet.

Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) & Suction Evacuation

D&C in common parlance is also known as curetting, cleaning of uterus. The actual full form of D & C dilation and curettage.D&C is a common, safe, and a short procedure used to diagnose certain gynecological conditions. At times, D&C is advised in order to treat and stop excessive bleeding. The procedure comprises of dilatation…

High blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy When blood pressure becomes too high, it is known as hypertension. This can pose health risks at any time. Women who have hypertension should preferably control the blood pressure and then become pregnant. In about 15% women, the high blood pressure develops during pregnancy. This can cause added problems. In…