Social Initiatives

Team members of Mygynaec group have been on the forefront of social work too.
Here are some of the activities that the members of the group have done for the society at large.
  • Safety First:
We believe that patient safety is the most important part of medical care. Inspired from the Safe Surgery checklist project, we created our own Safe surgery checklist. This checklist is religiously used by all the doctors religiously. We are proud to say that the Indian modification created by Dr Nikhil Datar features on the WHO’s website.
  • Educating & empowering patients:
We believe that the education brings transparency in the healthcare. We have created Knowledge center which comprises of series of patient education articles on various subjects related to gynaecology. These articles are written in simple language so as to make patients understand the medical conditions and the treatments.
Free patient education lectures are routinely delivered for patients on various topics. Many of them have been uploaded on youtube for patients to watch.
  • Helping the rape victims:
Initiated by Dr Nikhil Datar and implemented by Dr Nithya Iyer- Vaidya with help and guidance from the NGO Center for health & allied themes (CEHAT) at Dr R N Cooper municipal Hospital. A gender sensitive protocol based examination and evidence collection form the rape victims brought uniformity, transparency, justice and clarity which helped many victims. Dr Nikhil Datar was interviewed by Aamir Khan in the famous TV show Satyamve Jayate for the same.
  • Judicial activism: Women’s right to abort:
Doctors of the group have stood by patients even in difficult legal tangles. The petition Dr Nikhil Datar Vs Government of India was filed in 2008 to help Mrs Niketa Mehta who was 24 weeks pregnant but had seriously abnormal baby in the womb and wanted to terminate the abnormal pregnancy. The fight has led to proposed amendment to the MTP Act in 2014.

UPDATE: Read article published in The Times of India (28th July 2016): “It’s time for India to reconsider 20-week cut-off for abortions”

  • Free medical services:
Dr. Charmi Deshmukh has been regularly providing her professional services by doing free surgeries for economically weaker patients.
  • Thought provoking articles:
Thought provoking articles are routinely contributed by the doctors on various topics. they can be found in the blog section.