From: Aditi Shinde
Subject: Enrollment for Janani

Its been exactly 4 weeks today, when I gave birth to my little cutie pie at Yashada Nursing Home. And today, on this auspicious day, when my baby turns one month old, I want to express my gratitude to you and your entire group. My memory goes back to the Monday of December 11th, when I was admitted and all at home were terribly worried since it was 2 weeks prior to my actual due date. But my husband was the most composed and stood by me like a strong support amongst all. He knew what exactly would happen, how it would take place. And i guess, that built his inner strength. And thus, mine too! All credit and many thanks to Janani programme, which not only prepared us for the big day but also kept us at peace in all the process. Immense mental strength, courage to go ahead and not deter back, and also a curiosity to see and know what is exactly happening, since this moment would not come back in our life ever! With highly valuable knowledge that made difficult things simple, instant answers to our innumerable queries, open discussions and positive talks, suitable info regarding topics like exercises, prenatal and postnatal care and diet, not just obstetrician’s view towards the entire thing but equal anesthetic and pediatric know-how, and the most important i.e amazing care and nurturing at Yashada Maternity Hosp, loving and responsible hospital help and entire group of docs and their teams. And finally, Dr. Nikhil Datar & Dr. Sudha Datar.. who stood by us, come what may.. and with a smile on their face always! I am truly obliged and grateful to you and the entire staff, for such a beautiful journey in the most imp phase of my life, of me being a mom!

Thank you so much!
Yours truly,

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Nikhil Datar & Dr. Nihkil Parwate. We are very very happy with our experience at datar nursing home and would like to share it with you. When we came to Dr. Nikhil Datar in 2nd month of pregnancy there were some complication and I was advised bed rest and from then on until now every month something or the other complication were arising. But the way both the docs have managed the whole thing it was brilliant. We used to eat their head literally every month n every week but the response we got from them was so good. The thing which impressed us the most is the way the doctors have talked, the way they explained everything it was very satisfying .A special mention for jannani program which was held for 1st time which was great. It covered all the topics of pregnancy, each session were innovative and I would recommend it to everyone as we liked it very much. On 20th Jan I got labor pain n in evening at 5.31 my son was born by elective c-section. I would like to put to rest the baseless rumors that doctors nowadays go for c-section to earn money. It doesn’t happen at datar nursing home which is my personal experience. We have seen with our eyes both the docs trying for normal delivery for 15-20 hrs till midnight. Hospital staff was excellent. From nurses to aayas everyone took great care of me and my son. Admission and discharge procedure were quick. Rates are also very reasonable. We are very glad that we decided to have our first baby over here. The whole experience has been wonderful and both the docs have touched our heart.


My name is Hetal Shah. Last 10 months in my life has been quite an experience. I became pregnant in November, 2010 in London where I live with my husband, Kalpesh. First 4 months were quite good overall, relatively I hardly had nausea. I was generally in good health, i enjoyed my pregnancy during that time. During 1st scan we came to know about fibroid mainly in right part of stomach. By the time of 2nd scan, they expanded and it turned out that I had unusually large fibroid. And that was the start of second phase of my pregnancy.
I and my husband made decision to do the delivery in Mumbai mainly to get more personal medical care. We registered with Dr. Nikhil Datar through recommendation of a cousin who had delivered through Dr. Datar. During the first visit itself, he made good impression. He gave lot of confidence on one side and on the other side he also prepared us for difficult times ahead. His approach was quite pragmatic which helped us a lot. He suggested medication for pain relief as well as showed exercises to relive pain. I also took tablets for proteins, vitamins and calcium. During first 4 months, I used to eat lot of salads. After second scan, my stomach used to get filled quite quickly even if I hadn’t eaten much. Hence i had rely on tablets for supplements. The fibroid used to take lot of my energy. They were like unnecessary muscles which were just sucking blood. There are some myths about it. There are no particular reason why some one could have fibroid. I never had felt any kind of stomach pain except on couple of occasions. I was fairly healthy and used to play sports like badminton; also used to go for swimming. Generally, it is advisable to do a pre-pregnancy check in which such fibroid could be detected. If they are detected pre-pregnancy, some doctors also suggest a surgery to remove before hand.

Keeping positive attitude was the only option. There were lot of anxieties and uncertainties; Each day and night were like rolling dice I did not knew when would I get pain. Whenever I needed help over phone, i could always speak to the doctor. Even staff in the clinic were quite helpful.I was never kept waiting for my check up as the staff new i could not sit for long. My parents, in-laws and brother were off course were always there for me. Books, my old friend came back to my help as well. My husband could not live with me in Mumbai but came to Mumbai frequently and during each visit he would buy more books. One book I would like to mention is Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic which has been quite inspiring. 32 weeks was a milestone achieved. Only once I had to rush to the clinic as pain was unbearable.After 36 weeks, i was given dosage of hemoglobin as high bleeding was one possibility during delivery. C-section was almost unavoidable. Dr. Datar explained very nicely about various possibilities and prepared me mentally quite well. The fibroid had expanded a lot it looked like I was carrying 3 babies. It was almost like 4 months I had moved around freely.

It was finally August. Doctor had recommended to get the operation done in Nanavati hospital. Hospital staff were quite helpful as well. There was lot of interest in many doctors in the hospital as my case could be a good case study for them. On the day of the delivery, i was mostly in complete sense during the C-section surgery and finally I became mother, it was baby boy. The joy was widespread. Everyone loved the moment. Dr. Datar had been quite confident and had planned for unforeseen circumstances as well.

It was happy ending, baby was healthy; but my pain-train continued though, its journey wasn’t over. The fibroid was still there inside me. It could not have been removed during the delivery as the surgery could have become more riskier. After baby being there, life changed a lot. I got lot busier feeding baby and changing nappy became more frequent. I still had lot of pain due to fibroid. Dr. Datar explained it well why it was important to get rid of fibroid as early as possible. Everyone saw his point when the surgery was finally done in October, 2011 in Nanavti hospital. The fibroid was unexpectedly large about 3 Kg. My baby, Nigam’s weight also around 3 Kg at the time of birth. It turned out i was feeding 2 babies during pregnancy fibroid being another one. And now I am free yes motherhood has its own challenges but I am enjoying it bit of it. And now I am off back to London to resume my life with my husband.

Thanks everyone for all of their support. Thank God.
Hetal & Kalpesh Shah

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