About Us

Who are we?

Doctor, Who will look after me when I will come in emergency for delivery?This is the most common question asked. If the doctor is unwell or busy in another case or out of station due to some professional or personal commitment, patients have no choice to rely on some another doctor whom they are seeing for the first time.


Mygynaec group comprises of four gynaecologists who practice together as a group. The concept of group practice, though new in India, is well established in the western countries. The patients get seamless and continuous medical care in a protocolized manner by one of the doctor from the group at all times.

Strengths and pooled knowledge of all the team members vastly helps patients. In tricky situations, second opinion is immediately available, that too at no extra cost!

Team of specialist gynaecologists comprises of

  • Dr. Nikhil D. Datar
  • Dr. Charmi Thakker Deshmukh
  • Dr. Nithya Iyer Vaidya
  • Dr. Piyushi Sharma

We provide services at Lifewave Hospital (Malad Mumbai) & Yashada Maternity & surgical Home (Goregaon Mumbai). Some of the members of the group are also attached to reputed hospitals such as Cloudnine Hospital and Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital .

Dr. Nikhil Datar
Dr. Charmi Deshmukh
Dr. Nithya Iyer
Dr. Piyushi Sharma