8 Things That Women Worry About During Pregnancy

1 Miscarriage:
A loss of a wanted pregnancy does cause emotional turmoil. Many women start blaming themselves for the miscarriage. But medical science says something different! Miscarriages are mostly related to abnormal babies! It is the nature’s way to filter out abnormal babies! Only if a woman has repeat miscarriages one should get into the depth of the problem.

2 Difficulty enjoying sex after childbirth
After the child birth the new mums life goes for a toss. Inadequate sleep, lack of exercise, breastfeeding, pre occupation with the baby can also make it hectic. Vaginal delivery, episiotomy or vaginal tearing, laxity of the vaginal passage can add to the problem. So relax for about 6 weeks at least! Talk to the obstetrician.

3 Stillbirth
A stillbirth mean that the baby in the womb is dead. And this can be very traumatic. High blood pressure, diabetes, infections are common reasons. That is why don’t miss regular check-ups. Unexplained still birth is not unknown. But they are very (less than one percent).

4 Accidental bowel bladder movement at the time of delivery.
Although this may seem like a huge indignity, it’s a completely normal thing to do when pushing out a baby.Additionally, epidurals may cause difficulty in recognising the need to empty the bladder.

5 Meconium staining of liquor
Meconium is a soft greenish black sticky substance that sits in the baby’s gut. The intestines of the foetus produce this substance. It is not uncommon that foetus passes meconium staining the normally clear or straw coloured liquor (amniotic fluid) green or black. This can be a sign of foetal distress and may need immediate delivery.

6 Cord around the baby’s neck
It is quite common that babies have their cords going around their necks. Many women feel that this will be dangerous to the baby in the womb. But that is not true. Only if the loop is tight it causes trouble to the baby. If the baby shows signs of distress urgent delivery needs to be undertaken.

7 Premature delivery
When the mother delivers the baby before 37 weeks it is called as preterm delivery. The baby born preterm needs extra care. The baby usually needs to be kept away from the mother into intensive care unit. Since all systems of the baby are not fully functional, the baby needs support. Understandably, pre-term births are cause of anxiety for expectant mums.

8 Pain
Every expectant mother is worried about the labour pain. Yes it is true that labour is a painful. Surprisingly many women cope up well with it. Regular exercises, weight control, relaxation, meditation, maintaining vertical position during labour all have positive impact in reducing the pain perception. The woman may seek medical help such as epidural analgesia which gives a good relief from the pain. It is important to gather sufficient information about various methods beforehand.

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